This ebook is the culmination of 20 years of entrepreneurship and business experience. The central premise is that “capital” is the key to wealth creation.

Thus, this ebook explains clearly what capital really is, and the quasi-infinite ways to create more and more capital every day.

A person who understands this ebook, will be able to create capital at will and build a rock-solid foundation for her financial future.

For more information or if you have questions, please contact the author Peter Nguyen at omnidigitalbrain@yahoo.com.

Thank you and enjoy!

The Capitalorama Team


Your Mind (with capital “M”) has infinite content, and this content can be expressed as infinite forms (or capital).

This is a very, very, very important principle so feel free to memorize it:

Mind is content, capital is form.

If you feel you don’t have enough capital in your life, it simply means you have not learned how to SHAPE your thoughts, mind, Mind, etc. into forms that are recognized by you as capital (i.e. as tools that you or others can use).

In other words, capital creation is simply a “translation” process where you turn thoughts (or ideas) into tools.

Remember, your thoughts might be valuable to you, but they are usually of no value and no utility to other people.

So you’ve got to convert your thoughts into TOOLS that other people can USE in order to produce RESULTS.

In short, you’ve got to make your thoughts VISIBLE, TANGIBLE, PERCEIVABLE, etc.

Next, you can make them USEFUL as tools or objects that your customers can somehow use for their own benefit.

For example, I sell the Resale Rights to many of my ebooks so my licensees (or resellers) can make as much profits as they want.

I can do this BECAUSE I’ve converted my thoughts (in my head) into an ebook that is visible, tangible (i.e. downloadable in this case) and perceivable.

I’m certainly not the smartest business innovator out there, yet I’m pretty good at CONVERTING my thoughts into ebooks (and other such forms of intellectual products).

(to be continued)

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This app is critical to capital creation!

Capital can be practically defined as “concentrated productive capacity.”

Understanding this definition is absolutely critical if you are to embark effectively on the road to financial freedom.

Let’s examine carefully the expression “concentrated productive capacity.”

“Productive capacity” means the ability to act so as to generate a result.

(In a separate chapter, we will examine the 4 realms in which a result can be produced, namely, the subjective, objective, systemic and cultural realms).

“Concentrated productive capacity” then refers to productive capacity that one has accumulated. This accumulation usually occurs in time and space, and to a lesser extent, in the mind (in the short-term and long-term memories).

An easy example of capital, or “concentrated productive capacity”, is the good old hammer.

Indeed, any hammer can allow a person to hit on nails and thus generate a result.

Think of capital, then, as a tool.

In the case of the hammer, you can’t really significantly add more “productive capacity” to it.

But in the case of a laptop computer, you can add more productive capacity by installing more software applications.

Yet, in both cases, we are dealing with capital since a person can use the hammer or the computer to accomplish some work (i.e. produce desirable results).

The reason why most people do not achieve financial freedom (which we usefully define as the point when your passive income per year equals or exceeds your living expenses — so you no longer have to “work for a living”) is that they spend their intellect, energy, efforts and creativity NOT in the direction of capital creation or refinement.

The bottom line is that you are creating capital when you create tools.

You can then either sell those newly created tools and receive income in return, or you can use those newly created tools to increase your productivity (as an employee or free agent or entrepreneur) in order to earn more money from clients.

In conclusion, “capital” is a tool, and the more tools you create, the faster you will head toward financial freedom.

There’s more and more talk these days about “cloud computing”, which is simply the idea of running apps and accessing data straight from the Web (and not from a local desktop or laptop computer).

So the idea behind “cloud capital” is not that different. It’s capital that is created online and accessible to a potentially infinite number of users.

Craigslist is an obvious example of “cloud capital” created online and accessible, for free, to millions of users (an estimated 40 million people use the site every month).

Yahoo!, eBay, Youtube, Google, Facebook, etc. are other examples of cloud capital.

The relevant question here is, how can we — ordinary people — create and exploit cloud capital?

We certainly don’t have ingenious coders nor deep-pocket VC investors to help us create the next “Facebook”!

Be that as it may, we do have the ability and opportunity to create cloud capital on a small scale.

For example, we can use Google Docs to create tons of sophisticated documents which we share, for a fee of course, with thousands of users.

Example: http://www.tinyurl.com/makethebossworkforyou

(to be continued)

Facebook is a great force in our world today, as it brings people closer and allows them to stay in touch.

Thus, in the social sphere, Facebook is very important.

In the economic sphere, however, Facebook is not as important. At least, for now.

For example, suppose that Facebook were destroyed tomorrow.

People would still continue to do business, and there would not be a major negative impact on the economy.

This is why one should be careful before hiring a “Facebook marketing” consultant or attend such workshops.

The key to wealth creation, is capital creation. It is not “social media” or “branding” or “relationship building,” although those concepts can be useful once you have created capital or have mastered the process for creating capital.

This chapter explains the new business model of “sharing and earning.”

This model doesn’t require formal business training nor experience. It only requires the willingness to share with as many people as possible, in a spirit of brotherhood.

Paradoxically, this sharing and earning approach might be much more effective than traditional business functions like “marketing”, “sales”, etc.

As the world raises its consciousness, it creates a worldwide influence that drives people to go beyond their selfish interests in order to seek and serve the greater good.

Concretely speaking, more and more entrepreneurs will share their assets and capital with their clients, customers, suppliers, collaborators, etc. so that EVERYBODY can create wealth.

Indeed, a higher spirit (for lack of a better word) is influencing people to share their wealth.

Paradoxically, the more a person shares her wealth, the more she is AWARE of how wealthy she is.

Then, by the Law of Attraction, she attracts all manner of wealth from the most unlikely sources, and becomes increasingly wealthy herself.

In short, the best way to create — or more accurately, perceive — more capital in one’s life, is to give as much capital to as many people as possible in order to help them on the road to financial freedom.